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Do Not Passport, Do Not Collect £200

My mother called this morning to tell me I needed to retake a set of passport photos because apparently the passport office had rejected the ones I previously sent. Allegedly those shots were simply too beautiful. I didn’t even know that was possible, but apparently there were concerns they could distract security staff or customs personnel dealing with the passport, thereby constituting a security risk. So I had to head into town and get a new set. That’s not exactly what I had hoped to be doing 3 days before my first exam but at least it was relatively painless. I’ve never been a fan of photobooths but for once was quite pleased with the results which came out in a fairly flattering soft focus. I still have faith that as always they will manage to make it look hideous by the time it’s on the passport, of course. As we all know the defining characteristic of any acceptable form of ID is that it bears only the vaguest possible resemblance to the holder…

The official Stardust website is now up and running, looking extremely pretty with the expected plethora of interactive gubbins but also a host of useful background for those not familiar with the Neil Gaiman story. Currently only the “Village of Wall” is accessible, and it looks as though two more sections will open up in due course. With this year’s blockbuster sequels proving underwhelming, Stardust is not only a breath of fresh air but could gain mainstream attention. Unfortunately in the UK we still have to wait until October for it arrive.

The fad of Firefox Top Ten Tips lists has grown rather weary and repetitive but I did recently discover one that pointed out an incredibly time-saving feature contained within the basic browser. Smart keywords allow you to run searches for specific sites directly from the address bar which can prove much faster than the search box since you don’t need to switch between different search engines. If you are a Firefox user I guarantee this feature is worth checking out.


  1. You didn’t tell me why the pictures were rejected… that’s soo hilarious. My baby is simply too beautiful! :p

  2. Oh and I love the monopoly reference!! Should play soon… mmmhhh… 😕

  3. And when do we get to see these beautiful images?

  4. Well I’d love to share them with you but unfortunately you’ll have to contact the passport office who are still in possession of them…

  5. I remember a while back, whilst I was at Jesops, when they sent in the new guidelines about how you weren’t allowed to smile, about what size your head was allowed to be, what size your ears were, and so on. I don’t remember any guidelines about beauty because, well, working in Croydon, I don’t think they expected us to be able to judge it. Not when everyone’s got the same Croydon Facelift™ anyway.

  6. I remember sending only one beautiful photograph. I don’t remember that to be Priyan’s!:-? But I have to say the second attempt was very handsome. I hope that will get the thumb up. If not he will have to stay behind and look after the house.:))

  7. Hey I have a picture of you that they would have found so much of a hoot they would have had to use it. Can you guess which one?

  8. Priyan that’s too funny I’m glad you managed to deal because I can’t wait to see you in july

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