The crash siteThose of you who’ve been to our house or seen my room at uni know that I generally like to keep things tidy. I’m no neat-freak (with the possible exception of my alphabetised DVD collection – really it’s laziness because I hate searching through a hundred and twenty of the damn things to find what I’m after), but I like things to be conveniently accessible and generally easy to get around. So it may come as a surprise to find that my room here has become something of a tip. Law books, pens, rewritable DVDs, tissues, file dividers and airtight tea containers are strewn amidst a pile of boxes that could easily serve as a short-to-midterm housing construct for a small* family of Somalian refugees.

4 weeks = 2,419,200 secsI guess what it comes down to is that I can’t find the energy to clear all this stuff up with the knowledge that just four weeks later it needs to be packed up once again and carted back to uni where I’ll be living for the next three months. That and the fact that half my life now runs through this laptop and so long as I can hook this up and jack in, pretty much anywhere could feel like home (ah, the wonders of having a beautifully personalised desktop; it’s like your own room, but in a conveniently portable carry-size box). Sure, I kinda miss the spaciousness of this room that let me stretch out and destress (metaphorically if not literally), but maybe I’ll tidy up for the summer, eh?

*small refers to family sizes by UK standards and as such may differ from the Somalian popular interpretation. alternatively, the author notes, small could refer to the physical dimensions of the persons in question as it is feasible that a family of Somalian midgets would indeed fit more comfortably.