It makes a twisted sort of sense that the most useful work, and finally getting into a decent work pattern, would happen on the last day of the holidays (yes it’s Thursday, but most of Friday will be spent packing so we can leave early on Saturday morning). I only hope I can keep up that mixture of focused work interspersed with a drop of computer gaming to keep me sane (read: shooting things with big guns as stress relief). That, however, remains to be seen.

So another holiday over. This one has been fairly nondescript. Recovering from term with average amounts of sleep although not as much as I’d hoped, getting some work done although not as much as I’d hoped, and catching up with friends although not as much as I’d hoped. Can you see a trend emerging here?

NIN With_Teeth @ The AstoriaThere were some very definite high points though. Rampaging through the whole of Halo 2 on “Heroic” in an afternoon with Tom, catching up with Ally at Walkabout and bumping into some of guys I used to work with last year, and of course seeing Nine Inch Nails live at the Astoria (courtesy of Shreena) was fantastic. Trent and the new band were on top form. The new line-up produce a terrifically powerful sound, and I love the inclusion of Jeordie White – this being my second gig in a row he’s been at (A Perfect Circle in New Orleans being the previous one). I would have loved to hear more of the forthcoming With_Teeth album (out May 3rd), especially given the name of the gig, but nevertheless they produced a varied and balanced set that covered all the previous albums. Support band 2-piece The Dresdon Dolls were a unique experience with a very theatrical performance (Brechtian punk cabaret, allegedly). Most notable was their drummer who both appears and plays as one would a expect from a mime artist who had been told he could not speak but may express himself however he wished through a drumkit that he plays with as much as plays.

On the dowside I only managed to attend one curry night; a dismal performance, I know. The one time meant I managed to see Andie after ages which is good, although she is soon to be moving away which is less good. And apologies to the guys for not making it this evening either as I was halfway through the second essay of the day. Yes, I’m that keen.