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Wireless (In)fidelity

I love Americans who can afford to buy technology they don’t understand. I should establish that I believe it would be highly immoral to steal another’s wifi broadband internet access simply because they haven’t bothered to protect it. That said, merely borrowing such services is purely a matter of efficiency and therefore utterly amoral in context, especially when it facilities the production of this very entry, allowing me to communicate with you lovely people. Efficient communication is what wireless networking is all about and to speak of it in such ugly terms as “theft” does it a great disservice. The only downside is that the hypothetical owners of said service are wont to turn it off when they’re not using it, which seems a little inconsiderate in my opinion. If I happen to disappear mid-conversation, that’s probably the reas—

Incidentally, as I am in the USA and therefore several thousand miles west of The Skylark, I will be unable to join you for curry this or indeed any other Thursday. Please do not text me to check unless you intend to pay for both the exorbitant cost of receiving the text and the private jet. Taking my lead from Stewie, for every text I receive I shall kill you. That is all.


  1. It charges you to recieve texts? And I don’t even get service on my mobile here…hence to having to use my American one.

    Why does it charge you to receive texts, though? That seems a bit unfair, really.

  2. Because the network operator has to pay the usual costs plus paying whichever international carrier they have an agreement with for delivering the message on the other side. Hence anyone roaming (using their phone in another country) has to pick up the tab for the extra cost. Seems reasonable, if somewhat expensive.

  3. I guess. But I think you use the same carrier as me, and I don’t get any service internationally. Like, it doesn’t roam, it just doesn’t work, haha. So how do you manage to receive texts?
    (But even when my American phone roams, I just turn the freakin thing off. Problem solved. 🙂 )

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