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Where's Wally?There was a rumour that the Downing Ball survivors’ photo had been infiltrated by a comedic genius dressed in a full Where’s Wally? outfit (I believe our American readers may know him better as “Waldo” and, were we to have any, our French readers would probably recognise him as “Charlie”). Although he does not appear in the official photograph, thanks to an alternate angle shot and the magic of the Magnicircle™, you should now be able to perceive him with the naked eye.

I finally got round to implementing the custom error 404* pages that were never included in the redesigned site. Some of the text will actually be familiar to those who scoured the Ball website. Customised error pages aren’t purely frivolous. In fact, ensuring that these pages conform with your site design is incredibly important as being faced wih a default error message is one of the surest guarantees that a visitor will leave and never return. Providing additional information and helpful links is generally considered good form rather than merely accusing them of mispelling the URL and sending them back from whence they came. This has now been done, courtesy of Marvin the paranoid android. Sure, he’s not the most friendly of characters but it’s not like he has anything better to do.

* I have focused solely on the error 404 page because due to the site’s structure most other errors are irrelevent.


  1. :d
    Love the NASA link off the ball site!

  2. *panics* :-ss

  3. The 404 page made me laugh out loud and now I’m getting funny looks from other people in the computer lab…

  4. dose any1 no where i can buy an outfit?

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