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Halloween FormalKirsten and I are celebrating our one year anniversary today, so I’m writing this entry in advance. While we’re relaxing and enjoying ourselves, here’s a set of photos from Friday’s Hallowe’en Formal for your delectation. These are designed to show off people’s varied and wonderful costumes, and a proper gallery will appear once I’ve gone through the full size versions. TomTom probably came out on top, pulling off a fantastic werewolf make-up effect (diligently applied by Lyds). Being significantly hairier than normal, it proved remarkably difficult to eat in, particular with a soup starter. It didn’t last the entire evening, but earned many compliments before he scrubbed it off. When people actually recognised him, that is.

You will notice that there are no photos of me here, but I’ll wait to see what everyone has taken and then pop some of the best ones up here for those of you not lucky enough to be in attendance. The fangs were, I am told, quite real. Which was sort of the point. I’m not really into the rubber and plastic joke that Hallowe’en costumes have become, so was very pleased with how our whole group looked that night. I hadn’t realised that dressing as cats is apparently the in thing amongst girls. Cat rightly snarled that she had a better claim to the costume than the rest. As for me, I sort of miss wearing fangs and it certainly brought back memories. But then back home I would not have been allowed to dress that way for Hallowe’en — I’d get told I hadn’t dressed up.

Halloween Formal

Halloween Formal


  1. I can't remember

    29 October 2006 at 9:18 am

    Excellent photos 🙂

    I’m impressed.

  2. Pretty damn cool! Halloween is gonna be pretty brutal up here as it falls on Stupid Tuesday. There will be blood on the dancefloor and people will die!

  3. Happy anniversary 😀

  4. Oh yeah and a very Happy Anniversary to ya!

  5. Happy Anniversary !!! (+ sorry I stole your lovely other half on friday 😛 )

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