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Lunar EclipseI can’t remember exactly what is supposed to happen when a lunar eclipse coincides with a full moon but I’m pretty sure it involves werewolves, Halle Berry and NAMBLA. And possibly Hugh Jackman — I always found him unnaturally furry. Anyway, here’s a photo from last night taken from my window. It’s something of a novelty being able to take a photo of the night sky in Cambridge since London has rather too much light pollution for anything to actually show up.

Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere is finally coming to DVD this side of the Atlantic, where it has been notably absent despite being a BBC series. A modern fantasy tale set around London, it’s well worth a look and will be out in April. Unfortunately, despite all the time they have had, it does not look like it comes replete with scores of extra features but hopefully it will at least contain Neil’s commentary from the American release.

Good Day CakeMeanwhile Angie decided to cheer up the corridor on Friday by baking us all a gigantic chocolate cake. Funnily enough it worked. Every university student quickly discovers that it is vitally important to have a strategically placed friend who finds baking therapeutic. We’re fortunate in K to have multiple sanity chefs which means regular delicious culinary freebies such as this. As a result we tend to follow the Klingon maxim: today is a good day to dine. Okay, so it’s not exactly verbatim but it’s certainly tastier.

I have a new favourite trailer. It’s for a game, the latest instalment of the Battlefield franchise, Bad Company. It is, shall we say, somewhat self aware


  1. I liked the moon too… and the Battlefield trailer… ahahaha! Neverwhere on DVD, now that should be interesting to see (still haven’t got hold of the episodes thusly, so this should be good!)

  2. Oh is there any cake left for me? I could do with some chocolate! 🙂

  3. …*resists the comment*…:p

  4. I can’t remember exactly what is supposed to happen when a lunar eclipse coincides with a full moon but I’m pretty sure it involves werewolves, Halle Berry and NAMBLA

    Surely all lunar eclipses coincide with full moons?

  5. Well done, I was wondering how long it was going to take for someone to notice that! 😉

  6. Yeah, I noticed the coinciding-thing, too. Dufus.

    I also noticed the subtle jab in my direction there, Priyan. (Maybe twice, with the therapeutic bakers thing!) But I still think he’s hot. Even if he is a little furry.

  7. Btw, to get proper astronomical photos (should you ever be so inclined), you should hook your camera up to a telescope. You get some truly beautiful photos that way. (We had lots of amateur astronomer/photographers doing that at the Observatory. In fact, I have a few quality photos of the moon, which they gave me when I left.)

    So, ya know, just in case you ever want to do that. With the next lunar ecplise. (but make sure it coincides with the full moon, k?) 😀

  8. I think what’s supposed to happen (at least in a crowded observatory) is that everyone’s supposed to install one of these. No, really.

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