It’s all over now, so I’m allowed to write about it. Hustings was good fun, and ran fairly smoothly. It was held in the college bar to, er, get people in the mood. I decided against a P Diddy-style election battlecry of “Vote or Die” (probably followed by the obligatory “bee-yatch!”). I was the first speaker which was a somewhat daunting prospect, but I think it went well. I kept it light hearted and swiftly reiterated the changes I wanted to make. Generally I felt my manifesto covered it, and this was just to make sure everyone in the higher years knew my face and remembered me.

Voting took place throughout the following day, with the results being announced in the bar in the evening. Having been dragged off by Ravi to a Natsci “table quiz” (Pub quiz without the pub but with the alcohol. And the quiz.) I was already slightly inebriated so actually a lot less nervous than the previous night. And yes, I am now officially sub-editor of the Griffon, bee-yatch!