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With two exams down and three to go, it does not yet feel like “almost halfway through”. Nevertheless, a few days’ respite is welcome before tackling the big two, Land and Contract. They have gone reasonably so far, which is to say they could have been far worse. When it comes to predicting tripos marks, I find it’s virtually impossible, so I shan’t try to guess.

Sparkie has completed his list of 28 procrastination techniques, which we mentioned previously. He considers it more of a “don’t do” list, with three items inspired by this very site. Worryingly, many of them sound far too familiar and I have engaged in the entire top six over the last few weeks.

Popular torrent site, much loved for its humourous public derision of legal threats it receives, is rumoured to have been raided and shut down, although this may well be a hoax as a similar story was posted exactly a year ago when their servers were taken down for maintainance. Corroborating articles would suggest otherwise. It will undoubtedly provide much publicity for the newly established political party which cannot hurt.

In todays “things to browse and watch” category, I was recently directed to the “Animusic” Pipe Dream video. While I wouldn’t really consider buying their DVDs, the idea is interesting and certainly well-executed. For fear of overdoing it, I shall not dwell on the release of yet another Superman trailer, but suffice to say it exists in our reality.

I had hoped to wish everyone luck before exams commenced, but what with revision and pre-exam stress, it didn’t quite happen. Nevertheless, good luck with the rest!

Good Luck!


  1. <yorkshire accent>Only three to go? Luxury!</yorkshire accent>

    Best of luck everyone


  2. 3? Try 9! Then try 5 on one day and for that extra kick in the weener let the last one out of those 5 be C4. Yeh!

  3. Why a Yorkshire accent???:-s

  4. You’re just jealous coz you can’t do one Sonya.
    Why not a Yorskshire accent? 🙂

  5. I just thought it was some derogatory comment about me thats all. I guess in a way it is! 😮

    In my day, when I had exams we had to do 7 in a day for 3 hours each, and get no sleep all whilst trying to revise for the next 10 exams we had! And people would make sarcastic comments about our accents and ability to spell or write properly while we were doing it. Now we had it tough!

  6. Now normally I would join in with Monty Python quoting but I have a serious point to make today. Yes, wake up there at the back. Now, has anyone else noticed that Priyan’s writing seems to be over-emphasised recently. Particuarly paragraph 4 of the above post. Is this just me that’s noticing this? Has priyan gone tag crazy? Is it a stylisitic thing? It is subconcious? The people demand to know!

    And in my day you had to do 12, 3 hour exams in 20 minutes, blindfolded, with your writing hand tied behind your back. And we had to chisel it onto diamond that we had to get up at 1am to fetch from the 4000 degree and 40 atm pressure diamond mines while milking the bulls and still having time to clean out the coal pits with our tonsils.


  7. You’re right about para 4. I’ve reverted to how I originally wrote it, which at first I thought had to many quotation marks. But it looks better than the significant over-emphasis that otherwise occurred.

    I actually use emphasis/italics about the same amount that I used to, but in a different way. Now it changes the flow and structure whereas before it was used to highlight films or album names. I found that since they were usually links anyway, the colour made it clear enough already, so there was no need for italics. I shall endevour not to let it become too overwhelming.

    Also I’m still exhausted from not having slept much then taking an exam, and when I squint at the screen it all looks like it’s in italics anyway so my judgment may have been a little impaired today, I’m afraid. :-b

  8. I like the added emphasis. It’s more fun to read, as the voice in my head that speaks what I’m reading has more fun vocalizing the italicized phrases. 😀

  9. I agree with the crazy one. Voice inside head definately like.

  10. Hey! I’m not crazy!

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