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Twitter is one of those things that sounded quite interesting but didn’t really serve any purpose in my digital life. This three consecutive days stretch notwithstanding, I am aware that my posts have become somewhat erratic and your clamour for more regular updates has not gone unnoticed. Here twitter provides a compromise. In the sidebar you will now see a twitter section which allows for short and sweet updates with whatever I happen to be doing. It’s pretty self-explanatory and I will endeavour to keep that updated even when full posts are not possible. That way you can still read what I’m up to, and the eagle eyed will probably find it offers some insight as to what future posts may be about.

Google Reader has been my chosen feed reader for some time now, and they have recently added a new feature to share items with friends which show up separately in the interface. Currently I don’t really share many posts as you’ll see if you take a look at the P-2006 Shared News feed on our Feeds page. However if anyone else uses Google Reader and would like to make better use of this new feature to share interesting stuff, give me a shout.

Having been uncharacteristically positive about the iPod Touch (I wouldn’t buy one, but I would say it’s genuinely one of the best portable media players on the market), I do need to weigh in on the MacBook Air, the latest must-have for Apple fans, if only to redress the balance. It is stunningly thin, there is no question. Yet despite its high price this is the least powerful MacBook on the market. Now it’s certainly true that if you’re looking at an “ultraportable” power is presumably a lesser concern, but I would strongly question its portability in practice. You see, to make it so slim they had to remove the optical disc drive, replacing it with an external unit. So this lovely sleek machine cannot use CDs or DVDs unless you lug around an entire extra drive unit with you. For portability that surely must be a deal breaker. The end result is a laptop that resembles a size zero model: incredibly thin and there is a prettiness there, but somehow you can’t escape the fact it’s utterly useless.


  1. “So this lovely sleek machine cannot use CDs or DVDs unless you lug around an entire extra drive unit with you.”

    You are actually wrong there… you can use CDs and DVDs if you have the extra drive OR you use a wireless connection with a PC or Mac… so granted, they are still completely useless as you either need an external drive or… another computer… silly silly Steve Jobs…

  2. Someone or other

    30 January 2008 at 9:02 am

    To be fair to Apple, I have been using a 12″ Tablet PC with no internal optical drive for several years now, its lack has been less of a problem than one might imagine. I actually prefer it to the newer, more feature complete, 14″ model. Certainly when holding.

    (But to be fair, tablets have an unusual use case of wanting to hold them like a book, and I do come across a networked computer with a DVD drive at least once a week…)

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