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Trust Is (Not) For Fools

I’ve mentioned Bitter Ruin here several times: they’re an unsigned Brighton duo whom I’ve shot many times in the past. Their theatrical stage performance blends acoustic guitar with startling vocals and dark lyrics that are often structured as duel-like arguments. Most agree their best song to date is Trust, for which they finally released a great music video a few months ago.

Now these talented upstarts have decided they want to chart. Reaching the UK Top 40 is actually an alarmingly achievable goal, but the industry makes it considerably more difficult if you don’t have a big label promoting you. So the band are relying on word of mouth and social networking, aiming to prove these tools are sufficient for independent music to gain commercial success. The deal is simple: buy Trust this week and, if you feel like it, tell other people about it too. For 79p you’ll be helping to get some fantastic independent music into the UK charts, which I’d love to see, as well as supporting two incredibly friendly, talented individuals.

I also want to highlight a couple of trailers:

Premium Rush, about a bike messenger being pursued across the city by a dirty cop, wouldn’t normally pique my interest except that Joseph Gordon Levitt has had an incredible eye for good scripts. It’s not that I don’t like films about cyclists, it’s just that several years dodging blissfully unaware Cambridge cyclists tends to breed a healthy distaste for that species.

The Raid, set in the Jakarta slums, is the ideal adrenaline-fuelled action movie trailer that just doesn’t let up. I don’t watch a lot of pure action films these days, but this is the sort of trailer that makes me take notice.

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  1. You know you and I share the same appreciation for Levitt. I’m eager to see his newest film currently in cinemas – “50/50”. I’ll probably wait until DVD (because unless it’s action – i.e. going to the cinema gives me some added benefit – I’m not paying cinema prices to see a film), but it looks excellent.

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