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“Toto, I have a feeling we’re not at uni anymore”

The evening started with a frozen joint of lamb in Brixton. It had, by means to which I was not party, migrated to a kitchen in Clapham where it was defrosted and marinated. Shortly afterwards I received a call from a perterbed Angie explaining that we were supposed to be having dinner and watching a film with her brother Ian (who was visiting from university) but the food was at her flat and they couldn’t watch a film as the projector was at Ravi’s in Brixton.

An old yet obvious solution presented itself, although the distance between our three respective rooms has grown somewhat since university: bring the lamb to mine and use my kitchen and living room to entertain instead. Anna was away for the weekend so no one would mind the intrusion.

While the lamb cooked we watched Moon (I mentioned Moon before — but not after — seeing it: it’s an excellent slice of intelligent sci-fi carried almost entirely by Sam Rockwell and the crisp simplicity of its lunar sets looks great on blu ray). As we ate, the new HTPC I built (details another time) during the blog’s downtime got its first group use. Someone suggested happy music which somehow led to a retro waltz through Ace of Base’s 90’s hits. At this point Angela apologised to Ian for the fact we’re not like hanging out with students.

“Hang on,” I interjected, “we’re watching films and listening to bizarre musical choices while eating dinner someone else cooked for everyone. This is exactly like uni.”

The HTPC got more use as we watched mashup film trailers on YouTube. Then someone mentioned a cake made by someone in Angie’s family

“I’ll find the email,” said Ravi, reaching for his phone.

“Can you bring it up on the TV?” Angie asked, “Only because it might look more impressive…”

I could. And it did. A giant, phallic cake filling the 40″ screen, with an unnecessary drop of glistening white icing at what is best described as the tip.

Now,” Ian proclaimed, “it’s exactly like uni.”

We agreed. It was after midnight and we were definitely students once more. We scanned the DVD shelf and put on Ace Venture: When Nature Calls. It was the only thing to be done.

Evidently student life isn’t really something one outgrows, even once a Contributing Member of Society. All it takes is being thrust back with the right group of people; all that changes is the toys get more expensive.

P.S. Apologies to those expecting Toto in this post. There is none.


  1. I love you Priyan! :D

  2. Haha, ditto to Angie’s comment. I obviously wasn’t there for the festivities, but I loved everything about this post. I also love most everything about you. But it’s a secret, don’t tell anyone. :-p

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