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Huge congratulations to Sammy and Rosie who are now engaged! I know over summer he told me he thought it may be coming soon, but I don’t think he realises quite how much I was grinning when he told me yesterday. It was awesome news to hear.

Similarly, we at P-2006 have of late been taking a “life’s too short” approach to most matters: either you want to do it or you don’t, and if you don’t do it now then it’s probably not going to happen. That ethic was largely responsible for the recent lavish makeover which had been languishing in the basement of future projects for some time. People seem to have settled into the new residence comfortably so it was definitely worthwhile. Applying a similar approach to life is rather more daunting if you’re not used to it. You won’t hear the words carpe diem escape my lips because it’s hackneyed and rather less inspiring than back in the day. Besides, I always found carpe noctem more apt anyway, if somewhat less fashionable. Perhaps a better maxim would be, “life’s too short, but not nearly short enough.” I think that encapsulates it nicely, leaving enough room for dour cynical complaint while still suitably stirring you to act, which is, of course, usually the intelligent man’s downfall.

It has also been suggested that we may have been somewhat tardy with film reviews. We’ll get on that right away. Recent developments do include shifting over a chunk of poetry from P-2004 and elsewhere, with more old blog entries to arrive shortly.

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  1. carpe noctum? So that’s what you were doing last night?

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