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I mentioned Ciao! when I started using it back in November. Aside from enjoying sharing reviews through the community I’ve already made almost £20 through the site so thought I’d give it another recommendation to any hard up students out there. Go sign up now!

Kirsten and I have been arguing about vibrantly discussing the requisite essentials for a flat, given inevitably tight budgets upon moving into our dear Capitol City. I suggested that I could put up with virtually anything so long as I had a decent hi-def TV to escape into with films and games. She scoffed at the idea, suggesting a dishwasher was far more useful. Presumably she was suggesting a slave to scrub our plates clean as you already know my opinion on the mechanised variety.

She went on to accuse me of being silly with money, which may have been a mistake. I rose to the challenge by setting up a TV fund which would be calculated by totalling any excessive/frivolous purchase or impulse buy for which she is responsible. I reckoned I’d have my TV within a couple of months. Purely in the interests of transparency the course of the fund will be plotted in footnotes here as it expands.

+£170 lime green luggage
+85 hairdresser/dye
Total: £255


  1. Arf. :d

    Surely to make it fair the TV fund should be composed of all the money Kirsten frivolously spends minus all the money you sensibly spend?

    Though seriously, who buys luggage in lime green? ¬_¬

  2. I got over the dish washer! That’s the first thing. (How about built-in wardrobes?)

    Secondly – you can’t honestly compare my hair dresser expenses with YOURS? That’s just stupid and silly. And stupid. And unfair.

    Finally – WTF? The luggage was NOT supposed to turn up here. Since I still havent told your parents the price. You you yooooouuu.

    Now your Dad is gonna give me the same look as after I bought my voice recorder. Which, since we’re all being honest here, I’ve lost by now. Did you wanna add those 85 quid as well?

    And just as a footnote. Lime green is a very pretty colour. VERY pretty. And the suitcase has a 10year warranty. So technically it’s only 17quid a year – less than 1.50 a month! See what a bargain it was?!

  3. Oh – and: you’re not getting anything for Valentine’s Day this year, since I don’t want to increase your TV fund on purpose!!!


  4. *breaks out Math cannon*

    So you’re paying a small amount of money a month for the pleasure of filling cupboard space with tasteless luggage.

    And now, a scientific test to determine the prettiest colour. Fortunately the hexadecimal RGB thingy has 6 digits. Coincidentally, so does the word ‘pretty’ (OK, letters not digits but so what). By assigning each letter with it’s numerical value on a phone keypad (yeah, screw you 1 and 0) I postulate that we shall find the prettiest colour.


    Giving us an RGB number of 773889. Which produces….

    …a rather attractive shade of purple. Possibly lilac. Try it and see.

    So, the prettiest colour is purple! (Possibly lilac)

    But wait, there’s more! As any child knows on a colour wheel the colours opposite are opposites of each other. Therefore, the opposite of the prettiest colour must be the ugliest colour! And the opposite of purple/lilac is….



    QED Ladies and Gentlemen, Q. E. D.

    It’s good stuff this Red Bull…

  5. Btw – you still need to deduct 50 pounds for the Gears of War game… surely you’d agree that’s a “frivolous purchase” on your part… 😕 :d

  6. £40 but yes it would count except that it was bought well before our TV discussion.

  7. Hmm.. the hairdressing costs could be construed as a purchase for the benefit of your eyes priyan.. :d (Now we’ll see which is the lesser of two evils! mwahaha)

  8. Yeah, I heard this argument from someone else too. However, unconfirmed reports suggest than many women are known to go to hairdressers even when they are not in relationships.

    Besides, isn’t the point of a TV not to have to look at other people?

  9. Gears of War is not frivolous, it’s an essential purchase! It’s like saying, “I’ll get a car, but no petrol” I’m not sure that women understand this principle :p

  10. Well based on that theory priyan, the luggage DEFINATELY should not be included – it forces you to look at the TV :p

    (kirsten just gave me a link – très moche!)

  11. Oh dear this whole TV fund thing just has “BAD IDEA” written all over it!

  12. I don’t know, I think it’s kind of funny. We get to watch each of them (ok, let’s be fair, mainly Kirsten) seethe and banter back and forth, and then people like Adam make comments like that, and everyone has a good time. 😀

  13. Yeh it is incredible hilarious. But I’m looking out for my cousin here. Haven’t seem him in a LONG time and I like the version without bruises.

  14. Bruises fade. A set of lime green luggage will last for at least 10 years (apparently).

    If the only way to counter that is a giant TV then I reckon it’s worth the risk.

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