Even if I were not unashamedly a technophile, I suspect people would still find my love of fountain pens unusual. Originally I kept one at work for signing letters, but I found that my fiction writing sometimes flowed better in analog form. This year I picked up a few additional pens so that fountain pens are now my primary writing tool (one for work, one that lives in my bag, and one for home). With multiple pens I was drawn to the niche ranges of vibrantly coloured inks. The copper-coloured pen at home is utilised primarily with a book for “Night Thoughts” purchased by Irina as a birthday gift and supplemented with a series of writing prompts. The ink of a fountain pen seems like the perfect match for capturing those fleeting thoughts in the early hours. I have considered sharing those pages (somewhat stream of consciousness) on the site, though I have not yet decided whether they an appropriate addition.