Phoenix CinemaNo, I haven’t just opened my own cinema (although come to think of it, this may be a good future acquisition for Phoenix, Inc.) dedicated to my weird and wonderful taste in films. Actually the Phoenix Cinema is a highly successful independent cinema tucked away in the middle of London. Why am I suddenly a big fan? Well, truth be told, I have yet to actually see a film there.

However, having written a short email to them with my name and address, I’m already a huge fan because of the package that dropped through my letter box this morning. Without paying a penny, I’ve been sent their membership card for 16-19 year olds which entitles me to see any film for the ridiculous price of £2.50, and their Sunday double-bill matinées for just £3.50. Crazily, the cost of travelling into London is actually more than double the price of admission now (but still not incredibly expensive when compared to the price of a film at Grants for around £6.50).

The films shown a very varied, from mainstream movies like Love Actually and School of Rock to more out-of-the-way foreign flicks like The Dreamers to big screen re-showings of older cult classics like Crumb or Tokyo Story. The double-bills are especially good value where they pick two films in a similar vein and show them together on Sunday afternoons.

Once I’ve actually been, I’ll let you know what I think of the place, but if you’re interested in helping me test out their facilities, let me know and we’ll find something to watch…