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The Mighty Moshin’ Emo Rangers

I was at first non-plussed when Jehan pointed me in the direction of Emo Rangers on MySpace but the satire is spot on. If anything the result is simply too accurate with their episode mimicking the original Power Rangers series blow for blow (perhaps an unfortunate metaphor given that the original show was pulled by several networks for being too violent). By the end I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry at the fact that despite the attempt at satire, the result was still better than any of the recent (read: last decade’s) attempts to revitalise the tired Rangers franchise.

“Emo” still strikes me as one of the more inane genres that modern music has thrown up, or perhaps it is merely sad reflection upon the fact that the vast majority of music released today is utterly devoid of any emotion whatsoever. Not that the average emo band is much more sincere in their sound necessarily, but at least their attempt isn’t to sterilise music in typical bubble gum pop fashion. Or maybe I just crave more like Tool after hearing Vicarious’ impassioned message about how we thrive on violence in the media and yet shy from this ugly truth when faced with it in real life. It may be argued I am overdoing the not-so-subliminal buy 10,000 days messaging on the Tool front but I have no remorse.

For discusssion: Scrubs — revision aid or revision plague?


  1. For discussion: Green Wing = better! :p:d:x

  2. Yeh you know MMER rulz!!!!

    And what is branded as emo these days is bull! Real Emo is “Emotional” ie Weezer, Glassjaw and the like.

    Liking the subliminal-ness too.

  3. Scrubs, eh? Wonder where that came from… oh and btw – SUBTLE, but ppl will just think you’re stupid and accidentally left a huge blank between two words… :-b

  4. shweet little ploy there.
    And I second Shamini’s argument – Green Wing is much, much better. I laugh *a lot* more while watching Green Wing. Plus, it’s blatantly dirty, which is always fun. 🙂

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