When I was a child there was only one cinematic superhero in the same way there was only one film that defined science fiction cool (that’s Star Wars in case you’re wondering). With both genres now flooded with a series of knock-offs and legitmately good products, no one’s return is more welcome than Superman. Sure, I later discovered and fell in love with Burton’s interpretation of the Batman universe, but it always felt niche compared to the powerful, raw, epic feel of the first two Superman films.

It is unsurprising, then, that fans are so fired up about the new film and yet the apprehension is, to continue the comparison, on par only with the arrival of the new Star Wars trilogy. Once such a long time has passed, to return to a cherished childhood world is a worrying prospect, lest it fail to live up to the dizzy heights of rose tinted adult expectation. Here, the franchise is fortunate for two reasons. Firstly, watchable as they may be, Superman 3 and 4 were rubbish. There is little argument here, they just failed to live up the earlier brilliance. Secondly, director Bryan Singer has already carved out his territory in the overcrowded comicbook market with his X-Men films, both of which impressed both critics and fans. What most people have forgotten, however, is that he has far more depth to his skills. I hope you recall, though you’d be forgiven for forgetting, this is the man who brought us The Usual Suspects.

In a few short hours I’ll know exactly which way the new film goes, but with so many reasons to be positive about it, the only real question is are you packing today?