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The Globalist LaunchAdmittedly, it was Fearne‘s and not mine, but nevertheless The Globalist launch event last night went brilliantly. Vanessa had arranged it almost singlehandedly, though it was a team effort setting things up running it on the night which earned a good turnout. Professor Crawford spoke as our new Treasurer and although I didn’t get to chat to him for long, I assume he is very good at what he does since he has more letters after his name than I can identify. I did get to speak rather more extensively with Dr. Mcrobie, another member of our advisory board. As an engineer he was able to put a rather different spin on things than our somewhat law-focused team.

dozens flock to see our mag...The star of the show was, of course, the magazine itself, and it was received fantastically well. The production and printing pains were certainly worth it for the gushing praise it earned from students who are genuinely interested in what we’ve produced. Reaching our market was always one of my biggest worries: pitching both the articles and the design in a way that is stylishly sophisticated enough to appeal to our Cambridge peers and yet accessible enough for any of them to pick up and read. “I think”, as people quoted back at me after I left the stage, “we’ve done a pretty damn good job.” Yes, Steph wanted each of the editors to talk briefly as well, so fuelled by a little red wine I spoke off the cuff in a friendly enough manner that I’ve had several people interested in joining the production team for the next issue. Helen is already officially my second in command, and Kirsten from Germany adds yet another country to our ever-expanding sphere (and as a female CompSci should bring an interesting rule-breaking perspective). Perhaps the most touching part of the evening was Stephanie closing her speech with a line I’d dropped in passing several months ago when strained by the multiple-timezone working hours: the sun never sets on the Globalist empire. Most of all because it’s true.

...Steph's just here for the food!The editors went out for hot chocolate at Clowns to wind down afterwards. While waiting for the others with Vanessa outside Sainsbury’s, I noticed a drunk guy harassing a girl in an entirely non-violent but rather too insistant way. Having overheard her offering her name, I dumped my bottle of wine with Vanessa and strode over as if I knew her with an enthused, “Elle! I haven’t seen you for ages.” She was particularly grateful as the guy scurried off, and it then transpired that actually I did know Elle and it had been ages. I’d met her briefly at the end of last year because she’s dating Jon, who used to live in J. Clowns turned out to be a delighful hidden away Italian-run café that stays open ’til midnight everyday, so the sort of place an insomniac like me really ought to have known about. Steph’s friend had tagged along with us so I bought him a drink and then settled into some sinfully creamy cake to round off the night in style.

The Globalist will be available early on Monday and Tuesday morning in the following Faculties: Law, SPS, Economics, Engineering, Geography, Land Economy, and also in the Babbage Lecture Theatre, the Language Centre and the William Gates Building. Make sure you get your copy!

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  1. And a very good magazine it was too (just finished reading it), well done.

  2. Cheers Rob!
    If there’s anyone else in Cambridge who didn’t get a copy, I can try to swipe a couple more and pass them on if you let me know.

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