Spent a nice lazy extended weekend up in Monroe, where everything’s just a little quieter. Apart from the chihuahuas, that is. Two of them. Crazy little beasts, one of whom is a lovely dog named Chance, and the other, Lika, who is pure evil. The others will argue the point, of course, but I know I’m right. She’ll growl and snap at strangers (including Karleigh) and yet she’s deathly afraid of them. Needless to say we have a healthy distaste for one another, and tend to keep our distance. But I’m not averse to growling back at her if she starts something!

I watched Troy with Caleb, albeit in the Mall cinema which I maintain is just a glorified TV screen, discussed the finer points of Rowling’s literary style with Alexis, although I didn’t get to speak with my aunt and uncle as much as I might have liked. I’m sure Jenna enjoyed the time off her feet, since Karleigh’s grandmother was more than happy to take over whenever possible (the only worry was whether or not she would eventually and unwillingly return the child), as well as the entire new summer wardrobe she acquired which included one of those ludicrously short Paris Hilton skirts, all courtesy of her mother’s wallet. I just smiled, rolled my eyes, and helped her tear off the clothing tags.

The car ride was certainly an interesting experience, with me sliding to the back of the car to try and calm a complaining Karleigh until we eventually stopped for a while. It was sort of a bonding experience for us, heightened again a few days later when I looked after and played with her for a few hours while I forced Jenna to get some much needed sleep before we drove back. She argued vehemently on principle, but appreciated it in her own way. I guess Karleigh must have slept through most of the trip back, since I can only remember it being much quieter, giving Jen and me a chance to finally catch up properly.

We did stop by my uncle Dwain’s office which is populated by a number of female staff, so he and I just stood back and let nature take its course as they flocked around the fawned over Karleigh. Jenna joked that it was good for him to see it, and he admitted that he did mope each time Jenna took Karleigh away after a visit. I smiled and explained that after seeing her last Christmas I nearly moped… and then spent five hundred quid to come back and see her again!