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Those paying attention to American politics will have seen Hilary Clinton’s resurgence in the Democratic primaries. Narrow but crucial victories in Ohio and Texas mean not only that she will remain in the running, but also that the Democrats will remain strongly divided for some time to come, perhaps even going into the election itself which could have serious consequences. By contrast John McCain has the Republican side sewn up. Which naturally leads one to wonder how dissent might be sown amongst the Republicans. What possible alternatives tickets would draw such strong support so as to divide the party. Two immediately obvious choices emerge:

Palpetine/Vader '08

Sauron/Saruman '08

With WMDs like the Death Star on your side one presumes everyone else’s become less of a concern. And could there be any greater political tool than the lie of Sauron? But if Hilary has shown us anything it is that a woman in the White House is finally in sight. And with that in mind my vote goes to:

Darla/Drusilla '08

Google have finally released an application to synchronise Outlook with Google Calendar, though I cannot fathom why it has taken them so long to produce something with such rudimentary functionality. Yahoo! has offered this for years. However Google Calendar is much nicer application than Yahoo!’s outdated offering. The issue I have with all of these synchronisation tools (including Microsoft’s own calendar sharing with Office Live) is that none properly support the colour-coded categorisation of events, an Outlook feature on which I rely. Blue for lectures, red for classes, green for social, is a system that I’ve used ever since I started uni and it allows me to assess the week ahead with just a cursory glance. Losing that colour may seem insignificant, but it poses a serious usability drawback. Has anyone come across a solution for web-based calendars that synchronises with Outlook and maintains categories and colour?


  1. Someone or other

    7 March 2008 at 3:33 pm

    What’s the app that does outlook – Calendar syncing called?

  2. Apologies, I had meant to link to it. The Google version is simple called Google Calendar Sync (to the point, no?). The Yahoo! flavour is called Autosync (previously they used 3rd party Intellisync) and is a single app that allows you to configure address book and calendar synchronisation in one go.

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