Splinter Cell in KIt’s been a very weird weekend. For fear of this becoming too much like the stereotypical Teenage Angst Extravaganza™ blogs that I profess to hate, I shall not go into much detail here. Just take my word for it.

Meanwhile, Dave’s girlfriend, Cara, came down to visit on Friday which was fun. As our most regular external visitor it’s always nice to spend time with her when she’s around so I went out for dinner with them that evening. Meanwhile a Valentine’s party was in full swing back at Downing, largely responsible for much of the subsequent weekend’s weirdness, which we dropped by after returning at around eleven. Most of the gang (with certain notable exceptions) came back to mine til the early hours. Cara and Dave then disappeared early the next morning for a Valentine’s trip into London and it sounded like they thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Dave's offeringSaturday evening was the handover dinner for the JCR committee. Both the old and the new committee were present for a champagne reception and a wonderful black tie meal with duck. I was sat next our fantastically un-PC new Men’s Officer, Gubby, which made for highly entertaining dinner conversation. It was great to get to know some of the second years a bit better, since socialising between years tends to be quite introverted outside of sports teams and so forth. Alcohol flowed liberally throughout the meal, followed by port to finish. It then transpired that there will still two half bottles of port and five bottles of wine remaining from that which the JCR purchased for the event. So naturally drinking fines began. The old and new committee were each fined and then each memeber of the new committee was called upon to propose a fine. By the far the most interesting was “anyone who has slept with another member of the JCR committee”, especially when an odd number of people rose to their feet…

Corporal Lyds