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I haven’t posted for the last few days mostly because if I had it would probably have resulted in a string of expletives about the infuriating inefficiencies of certain people. In possibly related news, after a several sleepless nights, a working Ball site has now been constructed. A little tweaking remains (sorry, no sneak previews on this one ’til it gets the stamp of approval from the Big Boss) and it currently lacks the final content, instead being filled with a repeated string of rather vulgar Latin insults to match my mood at the time. Actually, using Latin for testing text layout is a common procedure because it shares English characters but your brain does not register individual words.

SerenityNarinder, my daughter, contacted me a few days ago to ask some questions before coming up to Cambridge, and just answering her queries reminded me of the Freshers Week buzz last year. Now I can’t wait to get settled back in there, although the mammoth task of packing up my life once more seems even more daunting after three and a half months to sprawl stuff across my room here. And I’m about to embark upon another difficult round of DVD selection, so I recommend you check out The DVD List and let me know if you have any requests for this term. Oh and Shams, you best not forget Firefly else blood will be spilt. I sense a Whedon-fest prior to the inevitable group excursion to see Serenity.

Lastly, in a strange twist of fate, after recently posting about it my copy of Geisha of Gion finally found its way back into my hands once more after having been borrowed for more than a year! Thanks for getting it back to me though, Lily.


  1. Not that you were including me in your request for requests of films, but…I totally think you should bring magnolia, eXistenZ, city of god, and benny and joon.
    oh, and you left the shape of things off of your list.

  2. Bring them where? Essex!?
    And thanks, I updated the list.

  3. Yes. Bring them to Essex. Right now. Do it.
    That is, if I’m going to be there… 🙁

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