With exams still dominating my life (for another 48 hours or so) I’m just closing some slightly techie tabs in this post:

Firefox colour comparison

Those who use Firefox (which incidentally is now over 60% of you) and also browse a large number of photos on the web may be interested in the “color profile support” feature in Firefox 3 which is switched off by default. Activating it, the result is vibrant colours, more similar to how they appear in Photoshop than the washed out appearance in web browsers. There are drawbacks with its current implementation, including a 10-15% performance hit, but if you have a decent machine and view a lot of photos you may find it worthwhile. Meanwhile the downside for web designers is the issue of colour matching if some images are treated differently from other elements like CSS colours or embedded flash (yuck!).

I previously mentioned the launch of the Adobe AIR platform for web-orientated applications. Although only a limited number were available to begin with, there is now a wide variety and Lifehacker has picked out their grammatically questionable Top 10 apps worth installing Adobe AIR for.

I was already quite keen on Battlefield: Bad Company for its characters and destructible structures, but even so the Snake Eyes trailer would have won me over almost on its own, making light of the fact the game’s release has it going up against the PS3 behemoth Metal Gear Solid 4.