Stresscam 2005:04:22I am swift to point out that the following idea was inspired by Radeel since I’m already in her bad books regarding a certain photograph that mysteriously found its way into The Griffin Online. She’s currently teaching me how to grovel successfully.

So the idea was that since this exam term is highly stressful for everyone here, to the point where one lawyer last year is rumoured to have had his hair turn white, a StressCam is in order so that you can keep tabs on me. It’s quite simple: the StressCam will periodically display an image of my hair so that you, the vigilant viewers, may search for those telltale white hairs that will precede my inevitable psychotic break.

In other news I also feel it my civic duty to issue to a public warning to anyone named David. Having decided that her phonebook contained too many “Dave” entries, Catherine has decreed an impending Dave Cull. Consider yourselves warned.