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Skittles Vodka

I just sent off my application to run for the subcommittee of The Griffin, the Downing College magazine. Unfortunately JCR rules prohibit any form of written statement from candidates for any position, aside from a 250-word submitted campaign manifesto. So you will have to wait until the voting is over on Wednesday for more information.

Meanwhile to celebrate we cracked open the Skittles Vodka (TM) that had been brewing for a few days now. Tasting like alcoholic liquid skittle, it’s a fantastic concoction that combines in one drink vast amounts of alcohol, sugar and E numbers. The full procedure is outlined below.

Vodka (1 litre)
Skittles (4-6 bags)
Jug x1

First, separate out the Skittles, removing the green ones. If they are included it will ruin both the colour and taste of the final product.
Remove/drink approx. 4 or 5 shots worth of vodka, enough to ensure the vodka will not overflow when displaced by the Skittles.
Deposit Skittles in vodka. A colour change will begin almost instantly.
Set aside for 2-3 days to allow the Skittles to fully dissolve, leaving a rich dark red liquid.
Remove the scum that forms on the top. This can be achieved best by pouring into a jug, skimming the scum off the top, then pouring the rest back.
Refridgerate and serve chilled.

Skittles Vodka stages 1-2

Skittles Vodka stages 3-4

Skittles Vodka stages 5-6


  1. 😕 SOUNDS GUD 4A < :-p WILL B TRYN THT1 OWT =d>

  2. we gunna try it tho :p x

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