There will be some substantive posts soon, but in the meantime here are a few short films for your procrastinatory delectation. They’re not necessarily new, but I’ve only recently come across them via Gordon from Multiplex (a webcomic all cinema fans ought to enjoy).

Alma is a beautifully creepy slice of animation from Rodrigo Blaas, formerly of Pixar. Apparently a full-length feature is to be co-directed by Blaas and Guillermo del Toro, the latter suggesting that its eerie vibe should remain intact.

I Met The Walrus is an animated distillation of a much longer interview with John Lennon, conducted by 14-year-old Jerry Levitan in 1969 after managing to get into Lennon’s hotel suite. The short was nominated for an Oscar.

Synesthesia (a word gamers will be hearing a lot in relation to the newly released Child of Eden) is a condition whereby stimulation of one sense causes an involuntary experience in another sensory or cognitive pathway. This short doesn’t shoot for realism but the result is arresting.

Wolverine vs The Hand explains how the entirely unknown Gary Shore ended up on the shortlist to direct the next Wolverine film (The Wolverine, apparently). It’s basically a motion-comic fight sequence but the effect is really rather cool and would be a neat style to adapt for a comicbook film.

Salesman Pete is just surreal fun, in a sort of Invader Zim way. Also, how good was Invader Zim?*

*SPOILER: So good.