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Recent posts have been infrequent and, as a result, lengthier once I have both something about which to write and the time to do it. This means I have been reluctant to pad them out further with the usual assortment of links and asides that I’ve stumbled upon in my online travels. So here are the latest in a light-hearted Short Post of No Consequence.

  • The rotund plumber that still captures gamers’ imaginations, the original Super Mario has recently been reimagined both with modern sound effects and with a first person perspective.
  • Modern Times is a quietly pensive, attractively rendered, futuristic short.
  • Thwart facial detection with make-up (note: this trick doesn’t just prevent accurate face recognition; it prevents detection of a face at all).
  • The hilarious ninja-filled Nexus S unboxing video may the best one ever. After the video scroll down to grab the red ninja’s nunchaku…
  • Yes, it’s just a marketing video, but Corning’s A Day Made of Glass video is a gorgeous representation of technology that is, in many cases, virtually here. As soon as Microsoft finds a way to sell me that Surface table, anyway. While Corning naturally favours touch interfaces, I’ll admit apprehension at the loss of buttons in a car, since operation while moving will require taking one’s eyes of the road for far longer.
  • If you’re rocking one of the latest web browsers, using the HTML5 canvas to screw around with content on any site has become a recent trend in either Asteroids or Katamari flavours (the latter accompanied by the requisite ridiculously cheerful music too).
  • And finally, a Barbershop rendition of the Ewok celebration song. Because I can.

I take no responsibility for procrastination caused by the reading of this post.


  1. When I worked on that research team at LSU last summer, the work they were (and still are) doing was primarily on the the Surface. Getting to play with one of those things was coool.

    Also, the day made of glass video just blows my mind. I sincerely hope those kinds of things are developed and made commonplace during our lifetimes, because I would love it if it did. And so would you.

    (Also, I just caught sight of the quote at the bottom of the screen. Nice reference there. 😀 )

  2. I’m jealous – I still haven’t been able to play with Surface up close. I do think we’ll see a lot of that stuff gradually emerge in the consumer market over the next decade or two. Even if I’m not quite sure where the camera was during that videocall on the kitchen surface…

    (And I’m glad to see the footer quotes getting some love!)

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