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Shiver Me Timbers, It’s A Photo Album!

First Mate BromwinAvast, ye scurvy dogs! Be ye after me booty or per’aps me Berlin photos? Ye’ll not take ’em without a fight. Viewin’ is open the to right sort, o’ course. Whether ye call yerself corsair, buccanneer or gentleman o’ fortune makes no difference to me — ye be a pirate. Then, me hearties, pour yerself some grog and be welcome here as long as ye like. Thar be photos photos aplenty with the German lasses and the sprog Nele makes a fine addition to the crew. Not for the lily-livered we ‘ave some close-ups of bees and hornets too. Arr, and fer ye landlubbers with no idea what be goin’ on, here’s a little clue.

That’s quite enough of that, I think. Having missed the occassion previously, it seemed only right that this year P-2006 join in one of the net’s quirkier “holidays”. Aside from the photos, I had been intending to start talking about my impressions of Windows Vista today, but it’s been delayed by piratical stuff instead. Look out for that over the next week or so, each post focusing on a very specific element of the new operating system. Meanwhile this salty sea dog had best be getting back to work.

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  1. Is this an occasion marked on the calendar by His Noodly Appendage, or is it an atheistic affair?

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