This is an unabashedly techie post. Don’t bother telling me. I know.

One of the reasons for the major coding changes was to make the site look better in alternative browsers like Firefox and Mozilla (I believe it was already running fine in Maxthon and other IE-based browsers). But the changes aren’t purely cosmetic, and there are some new features to take advantage of too.

First up is P-2004’s brand new RSS feed. Anyone using an RSS-enabled browser can take advantage of this, especially those intelligent people using Firefox (v1.0PR or later) who can now put its sophisticated RSS live bookmark feature to good use. In Firefox you should notice that there’s a new icon in the bottom right corner of this window, which is visible when you are on the entry page or any of the main pages in each of the four element sections. If you click on that icon, you will be given the option to, “Subscribe to ‘rss’…”. Select that option and you will be able to add a bookmark in the usual way. However this is no ordinary bookmark! While it appears with the rest of your bookmarks, when you move your mouse over it, you will be shown another list that contains all the latest additions to the site, allowing you to quickly see whether site has been updated without having to visit. Better still, if you click on any item in that list, you’ll be taken directly to that article. The end result is much faster access to the latest changes at P-2004.

P-2004 RSS feed

For anyone using an RSS aggregator, or wishing to add this RSS feed to another browser, the address is: