Went to a charity musical performance thing at Riddlesdown last night at Katie’s request. It was all done in cabaret-style with drinks served at the audience’s candlelit tables (by scantily-clad waitresses to really fit the theme…although that may not have been their intention!). The musical quality itself was, well, varied – more through lack of preparation/dodgy CD players than lack of talent though, I hasten to add.

A number of gorgeous voices made the night quite enjoyable, even though much of the music selection wasn’t quite to my taste (yes, I even liked one from Grease!). I would comment on the dancing too, but would probably be accused of perving…which should give you some idea of how accurate their performance of Aguilera’s “Dirty” was!

So it was a good night, and all in aid of a Croydon charity for children with learning disabilities and mental illnesses whose name elludes me at the moment. A worthy cause, nonetheless, and one of the variety that I like, which aims to help both the sufferer and their family.

Oh, and work has been extended. Again.