In M staircase, exam term has a very different atmosphere from last term. Gone is the fear of the unknown, replaced by a more pervasive realisation that in terms of finding employment this year is very important. I haven’t clocked many library hours yet, prefering my own room despite the obvious distractions. I get on well with the people I live with so the kitchen always has a genial atmosphere whoever happens to be in there when I pop in to make those essential strong brews of revision tea. And then there are the dulcet tones of Chima’s enthusiastic Numa Numa rendition drifting through the ceiling from the room above. If that’s not a call for a revision break then, sir, I do not know what is.

It’s been in the works for a while and GameSpot UK has now officially been launched. Acknowledging the size of the gaming community in this sceptred isle, the new site will feature earlier reviews for European releases and focused news as well as finally delivering competitions we can enter. Apparently a deal with may also be in the works so if you’re a gamer, now may be a good time to get in on the action.

The bizarre Nintendo Revolution controller has garnered a lot of interests, both positive and extremely critical, resembling as it does a cross between a remote control and an iPod. The possibilities for its light-gun-style abilities are certainly appealing and this fan-made advert certainly whets the appetite as to how it might be used in conjunction with a certain franchise.