the Boheme Feedback siteI am seriously stressed right now. Way more than I have been during the exams. I’ve been working on various bits and pieces almost nonstop since the end of exams and so was not in the best state to deal with an overbearing Ball President in a continuing argument. Naturally it would be unprofessional to discuss it at length here, but suffice to say that I have worked in web design projects before and I know how much freedom is needed to get the job done properly. He clearly hasn’t and doesn’t. My role currently seems to be more translating his designs to the web. So the bottom line is that I’m not 100% sure this is the sort of environment I’ll be able to work in which is tough decision to make because it’s one of the main ways I’ll get to spend time with friends from whom I’ll be living further away next year.

The Cambridge Globalist site proofPartly it’s also how polarised things seem to be with the two projects I’m currently working on. The other is for The Cambridge Globalist, an international affairs magazine that is in the process of being set up by several students. Our new chapter based on The Yale Globalist and the idea is to produce a quarterly online Economist-style magazine that will share articles with the other chapters in the USA, Australia and elsewhere. Steph, who has now brought me on board as web designer, is fantastically enthusiastic about the project and my involvement so it’s weird to have that running so well while having serious problems with the other. I certainly know which I’m inclined to put more energy into at the moment, and have been playing around with designs already.

Karleigh dressed up for a weddingMeanwhile Irina has deigned to grace our country with her presence once more after her untimely disappearance. Good to have you back, kiddo. Jane’s also here from the states for the summer before starting uni at Essex next term. She popped up to visit over the weekend, which reminded me of last summer and how much I miss Jen and Karleigh, especially coupled with some new photos from Jen in which I genuinely did not recognise Karleigh at first. I would really love to get out there for a while this summer but it looks increasingly unlikely to happen.

I’ve noticed that since the arrival of MSN Spaces, a lot of my friends have taken to blogging and it’s great to keep up to date with what they’re doing. MSN’s interface is actually very impressive, albeit intentionally tweaked for IE and therefore slightly deficient (but functional) in Firefox. I actually have a Space for myself, mostly for storing a few random photos and to point MSN Messenger contacts towards this site (Spaces update your MSN card whenever they are changed). My Space also has links to my friends various blogs (if I’ve missed you then let me know) and here’s a shout-out to Ally, Chop, Kimmy, Prachi, Sarah and Shreena. Although mine is visible to anyone, most of these MSN Spaces are closed so only contacts can view them. How about opening them up to the world guys?