Requiem for a DreamSaw an absolutely astounding movie about drug addiction from a few years ago that everyone should see. It makes Trainspotting seem like a kid’s movie. It’s not an easy film to watch towards the end, and because of the last quarter of an hour, it’s difficult to say you “enjoyed” it afterwards, simply because the closing is so intensely harrowing. Nonetheless, the moment the credits roll (as the music fades to the quiet sound of the dripping water) you cannot question that it was truely spectacular, no matter how draining.

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Upgrading the lenses in one’s glasses is a worrying business because it means being blind for an hour or so while the new ones are fitted. A quick thought for those with glasses who haven’t been getting an anti-glare coating put on their lenses: do it! I’ve been using it for a year and a half and it makes a huge difference, especially in that awful sunlight we’ve been having recently. You can tell if the coating is there because if you take the glasses off and shine light across them, you can see a greenish tinge, which doesn’t usually show. You also look better in them because the glasses are less reflective so your eyes can be seen properly. The only slight downer is that they pick up oil/finger marks etc. more easily.

While chatting to my optician he also interestingly said that he wouldn’t recommend photochromic lenses because they make your eyes very sensitive to subtle changes in light because they become used to exactly the same level of brightness. While my eyes are already a little sensitive to very bright light, he suggested that a decent pair of clip-on sunglasses were a better alternative, still meaning you don’t have to carry around an extra pair of prescription sunglasses, but without making your eyes overly sensitive. I think it’s just that photochromic lenses are difficult to stop using once you start, so avoiding them is just money-saving, lol. But I suppose if you have the money…