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I hope everyone is settling in nicely. The last two months of entries have now been migrated over but there’s obviously a lot more to come. The next major job is the Questions section, and I’d like your help. In order to put together this FAQ-style page I’d like you each to give me a couple of questions that you’d like to have me answer (especially those who were complaining that I never appeared in the Introductory Service earlier this year). They can be about the site, about me, or pretty much anything really. The more creatively amusing they are, the more likely I am to use them. Leave them as a comment, email them, whatever you like.

Ollie over at History Source asked if we had any link buttons for the new site, since we are an affiliate of theirs. I whipped up two button links for him: one black, one white. A full set of link images will hopefully be coming soon.


  1. my actual initial reaction:
    *confused face*…*clicks on link*…*p-2006*
    whoa! duuude!

    you totally kept me up past my i’m-ill-and-need-to-sleep bedtime, what with all this new website business.
    but i forgive you. =P

  2. Whoa! It’s all gone odd.


    Basically, I’m here to gloat that I got a mention on the first post of the new site. Well a link to a mention of me which is exactly the same thing.

    OK, I’ll say something constructive….

    The comments button is a bit tricky to find (or maybe I’m just slow) and therefore should be made larger. And made to glow in a variety of pretty colours. Yes. 🙂

  3. Whilst attempting to implement the irridescent extravaganza of glowing neon comment buttons that I had naturally intended, I discovered that unfortunately most browsers don’t yet support the <vegas> tag.
    Therefore I’m afraid you may have to wait a while, Adam. – |[P]|

  4. Dude this is so freaking awesome. Bravo and stuff on the whole thing, now to spend more time reading the blog.

  5. You want a question eh? How about (bear in mind I’ve just found a second wind from finishing a rather tiredsome project)…
    ‘Where does all the hair go’?
    ‘Why are you doing law?’
    ‘Why aren’t I doing law?’
    ‘Can we *please* introduce you to the world at large, in our own kind loving words?’
    But most of all…’why does one inconsistently refer to himself in the plural?’ Enjoy 😉

  6. Your beloved cousin J

    26 September 2005 at 7:31 pm

    hmmm interesting questions eh?

    I got one!

    Why did your mummy make you wear dresses when you were young? (I have photo evidence don’t deny it!)

    How the hell do the elepants in the popular children’s cartoon Babar hold teacups in one hand? They have no fingers!

    And finally…

    How do you confuse a computer?

  7. You know I actually have two beloved cousin J’s, right? And with that first question you’re rapidly slipping to #2! 😛
    I do, however, like the second one. More importantly, how the hell did they button up those impeccable suits without fingers!? Ah, I miss legitimate childrens television like Babar.

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