Jeremy, a.k.a. teh_pwnererWhen hunting for photos for our theme title page in The Globalist, Steph and Alvin pointed me to morgueFile, a repository of high resolution digital images that are made freely available by photographers for commercial or public use. Morbid as the name sounds, a “morgue file” is actually a traditional name used by publishers for keeping reference material after it has been used for its original purpose. It also has a nice community forum where people swap ideas and generally critique and inspire one another’s work. Since we’d used one of their images, I figured it was only fair that I shared some of my own and set about creating a profile for myself. In just a day I’ve settled in and already had 118 views and 16 downloads of my photos. It’s strange to be suddenly reaching so many people in this media form, with which I’ve only recently started to feel that I’ve been improving significantly. Mostly I just like the idea that some of these photos will be used for a practical purpose rather than simply sitting on my hard disk.

Meanwhile I came across what are by far the funniest gamer-orientated videos I have seen since Red vs Blue. I’m not quite sure how it passed under my radar for so long, but Pure Pwnage (pron. Pure Ownage) from ROFLMAO Productions is simply genius. It follows the trials and tribulations of pro-gamer Teh_Pwnerer (pron. The Ownerer), or Jeremy to his friends. Be warned, however, that if you’re entirely out of touch with gaming culture it’ll make about as much sense as a that big black obelisk in 2001. If you understand “RTS” but not “uber micro” then you’ll be able to pick it up as you go along. It takes a few episodes to really hit its stride, but there are some fantastic homages peaking with a brilliant keyboard-wielding duel and a Red vs Blue parody.