Poison Arts | Alternative Talent AgencyYesterday Sku came to visit from up north and we spent the day together in London. Laughing in the face of death as we took the tube to Camden, we did the usual mix of sampling stallfoods, wandering the markets and occassionally even buying stuff. I finally dropped by Resurrection Records from where I used to mail order out-of-the-way CDs of a darker persuation and it was weird to see so much great alternative music in one place. It was a fun day out and we’ve promised not to leave it another year and a half before hooking up again.

designedby.P | professional web & graphic designOnce more Sku encouraged me to sign up for an artist’s profile at Poison Arts, a new alternative talent agency, to push some of my photographs and digital artwork into wider circulation. How about settling for a plug while I make up my mind? A specialised talent agency, they deal with a wide range from models and performers to photographers, stylists and artists whose work displays a darker or alternative aesthetic. They aim to hook people up internally (such as models requiring a photographer to produce a portfolio) as well as attracting outside clients.

Meanwhile, plugging myself, the new websites I’m running have enabled me to put together a proper portfolio of official projects so I’ve created designedby.P to advertise my services now that I’m looking for paid web work. If you know of anyone who’s interested in hiring a web or graphic designer then please do send them along. The address is http://designedbyp.iceglow.com.

And as predicted, I did indeed hook my Xbox up to the Live service as soon as I got back from TomTom’s. So if you play Halo 2 online then add “PhoenixMDK” as a friend and we’ll go hunt down brattish American kids together.