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Play BeyondThe week of E3 is now upon us but despite being inundated with a plethora of cool gaming news, I shall attempt to resist the temptation of rambling about nothing else. With a glut of high-definition footage and trailers already flooding out, this looks like the best year yet for those of us watching from home. The Sony advertising machine is already in full swing, although I’m not sure their “Play Beyond” slogan is as cool as they think. “Welcoming Chang3” was one thing but I don’t even know what this one means. It has lent itself to some innovative poster designs to fill their huge billboard spaces. Tonight’s press conference is really their last chance to convince me to wait for the PS3 rather than buying an Xbox 360 this summer, so we shall see what they can produce.

A review of Brick is now up. It’s the first I’ve written in a while so it feels a little straineThe film should be out in a week, and I urge you not to be distracted by its explosive competition aimed at the lowest common denominator. There is a certain conversation that necessarily must precede any decision to watch Mission: Impossible III and, having worked through it, fans are left in a suitable state of bemused absentia whereby they can switch off and enjoy what I am told is one of the most enjoyably silly big budget action films yet. The little plot there is doesn’t get in the way of what is essentially a single extended action sequence, which is, I suppose, a credit to the humility of scripwriters. I do intend to see the film, but it requires a certain mood that is not, I fear, overly prevolent in exam term.

As Sparkie seems to be enumerating the many modes of student procrastination into an unwritten table of sorts (that one might better divulge “number 19” to a guilty compatriot rather than voicing one’s true sin). I feel compelled to remind him of a stalwart #3, the ever-infuriating 3D Pong. Those who dare challenge its jade cavern of reflective glass quickly discover the zen-like mindset required, becoming one not only with the paddle but with the very ball itself.

Speaking of zen and homicidal frustration, you may have wondered how exactly one goes about killing a ninja. Ask A Ninja fall squarely into the “stupidly funny” bracket, a series of short videos in the style of Strongbad’s Emails and while not exactly clever, it is at least well-written.

And finally, a year in the making (though probably not continuously), Shams has finally completed work on Adam in Wonderland. It is hosted over at Sparkie’s Junkyard which is now our second highest referrer, just behind Gamespot which has recently been sending much traffic our way.


  1. Wow, two references in one post!
    The table will be posted once I have fully evaluated the proctrastination potential of each technique :-“

  2. no,no, I have actually spent over 16 months solid doing nothing else. Honest. :d

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