A quick update to raise awareness about an issue affecting the Arts Picturehouse that has just been brought to my attention:

The Arts Picturehouse is currently under serious threat from planned licensing changes to The Regal pub situated below us.
Changes to the pub’s licence would mean live and recorded music playing in the pub, which will be heard in one of our auditoriums – whilst you are trying to watch a movie.
We urge any patrons who feel the same way as we do to join us in our fight by objecting to any licence changes. You can register your complaint directly at the council by writing to: env.health[at]cambridge.gov.uk
Any complaints need to be made by Friday 3rd February 2006.

Now I’m certainly no enemy of alcohol but I think the ‘Spoons seems to be pulling in enough custom as it is (in fact Alex and I were there just last night). And whether you’re a Picturehouse regular or just an occassional visitor, I’m sure you’ll agree it’s a unique resource that does need to be protected. Don’t worry about fancily worded objections but hurry if you want to show your support because complaints must be sent by this Friday.