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Do you want the attorney who dresses nicely and belongs to your church? Or do you want the attorney who can rip out your opponent’s heart and put it on the hibachi before he dies? Maybe it’s just me, but I want an attorney who is part demon.

-Scott Adams, The Dilbert Blog

After a minor hiccup my law school application has been submitted. This is really the last step, soulwise. I have applied to both BPP and the College of Law in London. I always knew I wanted to be in London despite the expense as I will still be a student, maintenance grant notwithstanding, but still have trouble differentiating between the educational establishments. Kirsten and I also have the joys of flat hunting ahead, which I approach with not inconsiderable trepidation.

I must state total agreement with Tycho over PopCap’s Bookworm Adventures, which he describes as a “Scrabble RPG“. Playing as a worm named Lex, you battle adversaries by spelling words from a pool of random letters. More magniloquent players will find themselves causing more damage and swiftly levelling up to receive new items. Opening up a word like “paginated” on your opponent is a surprisingly visceral sensation. Okay, maybe circumlocutory vocabulary endeavours are not for everyone, but if you happen to be that way inclined be sure to check out the one hour demo.

I shall be bidding Cambridge adieu for Christmas in around 36 hours (lunchtime on Sunday) so I hope to see people before I disappear but feel free to pop round before then.


  1. Man, I feel I’ve wasted my hour by playing it at a time of the morning when I was hard pushed to think of 5 letter words. 8-|

    Though it’s been worth it to hear Collingwood and KP tonking the Aussies around Adelaide!

  2. Hell yeh couldn’t sleep all night but checking the tube and seeing Colly with 206 and KP with 158 felt damn good

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