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The site is dead. Long live the site. P-2004 has officially closed its doors, but fear not for rising from its ashes comes the fully reloaded SQL-powered P-2006. We’re on swanky new servers with ICDSoft and now have our own domain: The new design is based on things that never quite worked the way I wanted and, of course, comments from you. Allow me to introduce you…

goals of the upgrade:

  • faster navigation
  • more user interaction
  • use some of my photography
  • retain the sleek, minimalist design

4 new sectionsFragments is essentially the Earth section of the old site, a blog and the most frequently updated area of the site. Artist is much like the Water section. However, with the creation of my morgueFile account, photography will be uploaded there rather than to this site. A direct link in the Artist section will take you there. Critic is a narrower version of the Air section, focusing primarily on film reviews, but may expand to include reviews of books, music and more. It incorporates a more accurate 4-star rating system that can better distinguish between similar quality films. Finally Questions is a general area for info about the site and me in a humorous FAQ style.
Navigation – The nav bar at the top of the screen allows you to jump swiftly between sections. The menu system on the right is for navigating within a section. The idea is for you to be able to browse the site in the way you want. On entering a section you will see the latest entry (or entries in the blog). “Pages” will give you lists of all entries, such as the Film Reviews, as the old site did. “Categories” let you browse through particular type of post, for example just the gaming-related blog entries. The archives, as you would expect, allow you to read through the old entries.
Search – Each section of the site is now searchable rather than merely the blog. The improved search function now lets you browse through all the entries containing your search term rather than having to select them one at a time.
Comments – Here’s the big one: you can now make comments on every single post. That’s right, no more faffing around with a guestbook, now it’s visceral and immediate responses to those wild accusations about Hull.

I hope the new layout will be an easy enough transition. Please be patient while all the old entries are gradually migrated across. Finally, it’s been a lot of work so please do let me know what you think!


  1. I hereby declare publicly that I consider P-2006 to be a website of great beauty and interest.

    Friya Engineer

  2. Your beloved cousin J

    26 September 2005 at 6:57 pm

    [World of Warcraft language modulator on]

    Hey man this site totally pwns all the other sites man. Your L337!! Totally L337 and much better than all teh other n00b site designers.

    [Modulator off]

    World of Warcraft sucks! NIce site

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