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More observant visitors may have noticed changes in the Questions section over the past few weeks as we trialled some new designs. This visual upgrade has been under work for a while as we wanted to maintain the same tone while giving the site a sleeker look. It was important that we still keep it bright but we wanted to add some depth to the previously flat design. The most difficult decision was whether or not to change any of the photographs but the eventual decision was to retain them all for continuity (and because we like them). I hope we’ve achieved our goals and made it more pleasing to the eye without annoying anyone with the change.

I’ve had half a dozen people all insisting that I must watch Heroes and I knew I would like it once I started watching it. However it has taken me a while because I wanted to give the pilot my full attention so that it had a proper chance. Suffice to say that in a matter of days I have devoured all 17 aired episodes and eagerly await more. Comicbook influences are obvious with the entire story feeling like a modern take on X-Men. The range of characters occasionally works to its detriment as we jump between them slowing the development of each plot strand. Nevertheless most are compelling enough to hold your interest and each episode starts to focus primarily on a small handful of characters (which becomes easier as they start to meet up).

There are strong elements of mystery with the desire not to explain too much too fast. Yet it is clear that the writers know exactly where they are going with the story unlike some rival shows (I’m looking at you, Lost). Hiro is, as Jane correctly predicted, my favourite character but it is interesting to note that this is the first American show I’ve seen where the foreign characters are genuinely the most compelling while the “domestic” ones tend to be rather bland by comparison. If you’re after something new to watch or are another disaffected ex-Lost viewer, Heroes is definitely worth a look.

Finally Sony, despite already having launched in two regions, are still finding ways to screw up the PS3 launch. The European model arriving next month will feature inferior backwards compatibility with PS2 titles as they make modifications to the manufacturing process to save costs. How they have the gall to publicly state this goal while charging fans here more than their American or Japanese counterparts for an inferior product is bordering on ridiculous. Telling consumers you are saving money in manufacturing an already overpriced item and then pocketing the cash is like shooting a man in the leg and then explaining, “It’s okay, I just want your wallet.”


  1. Sony really are getting ridiculous here. I’m going to wait a few months before I even consider buying into the current generation of consoles.

  2. OK, maybe it’s just me, but I can’t see any changes. :”>

    Can someone point them out slowly and obviously for thick people like me?

  3. I think it’s like the top stripey bit with the line and the see through and the squiggle. 🙂 Then again that could have been there before.
    Ooh and there’s the brown P thing! nice!

  4. Arg. Your ‘word press’ is talking to me. That’s scary.

  5. Adam, as well as the favicon Rob noticed a few days ago, all the banners have now been updated along with new backgrounds for each section replacing the previously “flat” colours. If your browser has stilled cached the old images you may need to ctrl-refresh to see the new banners.
    The navigational elements remain the same so browsing the site is just as before.

    Shams, what did it say to you?

  6. I like the new look, subtle!

    I also hate sony… they’re money grabbing bastards who are trying to screw over Euopean customers because they realised that
    a) they are 6 months too late in Generation 3 console war so need more profit per console
    b) realised that their release games are either not all that exciting or available on all other platforms so need more money per console
    c) realised that they are making a loss on consoles sold for more reasonable prices, so decided to screw the final release zone over for price (in Israel the PS3 is going on sale for almost $1100…)
    d) when they said the porn industry couldn’t use blu-ray realised that they had lost out on a multi-billion dollar deal… and so had to make up money elsewhere.

    Yeah… shoddy marketing/company

  7. You’re right, Hiro is a dude! Just finished watching the 1st episode and it had me laughing lots.

  8. *ctrl+F5*

    Ah, that fixed it, glad it wasn’t just me being think. 🙂

    I like.

  9. No, I think it was just adman being think. 😛
    We were just chatting P.

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