So what’s this all about? Well, it’s a new site obviously. It’s essentially a place where I can share my thoughts and generally what I’m up to. First, let’s get straight on what it’s not. It will not be filled with juicy gossip and sordid tales of drunken debauchery (well, okay, maybe a bit!) and it will not be a diary of rants and sobs in tradition live journal style (I do not, and never will, have an online journal).

So this will let me know you? Not exactly…you won’t find anything deeply personal (you’d have more luck with the poetry at The Crypt) because my dark secrets are still…my dark secrets. Instead, this is a collection of thoughts and interests, as a “personal site” should be, letting me keep other people up to date on what I’m doing and the latest news on things I happen to be interested in and would like to let others know. There will be a section of deeper thoughts which might help you understand my views a little better, though.

So why now? Okay, since half my friends are disappearing off to uni around now, and I will most likely be disappearing in a puff of full-time work at some point soon, now seemed like as good a time as any for this new venture.

So what was wrong with the old site? Actually, nothing. The Crypt will continue to run alongside this, but it is a very different sort of site. This site will be updated regulary with information that, by and large, will only be of interest to friends or people who at least vaguely know me, while The Crypt is irregularly updated, but holds a wealth of information that will interest anyone involved in that scene.

So anything else? Check out all four of the “About” sections to understand how the site is divided up and functions. And then keep checking back for updates. Simple.