After spending yesterday hanging out with Toby, last-minute Christmas shopping, a nostalgic lunch at Pret bringing back memories of the good old Vodafone days, and then back to his for PS2 and a film (finally got round to watching Eternal Sunshine!), I decided to write off another day of work today. Spent the afternoon in London with Jane who’s over from Louisiana for a couple of weeks to hang out here and check out some unis. We had coffee near Victoria station and then headed off to Camden. After lunch, shopping, and generally soaking up the atmosphere, she came back to Croydon with me to sample one of the (in)famous Curry Nights she had heard about. And she was in for a treat.

It was a proper old skool Curry Night with exactly the right number of people (including getting to see Andie after ages), all in exactly the right mood, so even Mr. JD Wetherspoon’s distinct lack of culinary diversity couldn’t dampen our spirits. We picked from the few curries they did have available and proceeded to exchange heated stories, swap seats intermittently, and generally chat to everyone we hadn’t seen for months. Or a week. Either way.