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Nintendo Wii Ennui

Introducing … Wii.
As in “we.”
While the code-name “Revolution” expressed our direction, Wii represents the answer.

And together, Wii will change everything.
Nintendo Press Release

Wii. Seriously. Initial thoughts are that it may be linked to wi-fi, or from the online animation that the i’s represent the new controllers. Actually that’s a lie. My first thoughts were that it’s a ridiculous name and the entire Nintendo marketing team has simultaneously contracted some form of insanity-inducing virus. It wouldn’t be the first time. Well, actually my very first thoughts were slightly childish. But are they really so off-target? Microsoft’s “360” moniker (and even the original Xbox name) was considered laughable when first announced but now seems utterly ordinary. We are now in the hottest news period in the gaming calendar with the run-up to E3, and with such a bizarre announcement every gaming site on the web is buzzing with Nintendo-focused news. Whether it pays off really depends on the console’s performance at the show itself.

My hair is finally long enough to fit gel in it again, so it seemed appropriate that I went out. This evening’s four-way birthday party at The Cow featured the birthday girls exhibiting bunny outfits, allegedly just so that the bar could keep track of their discounted tab. Allegedly. Livvy and Phoebe from the Ball Committee invited me. They packed out the basement bar pretty well, although mostly with first years whom I did not know terribly well aside from those who were on the Ball Committee and the lawyers. Meanwhile the Another Planet’s Hell crew were drinking upstairs, so I was flitting between the two crowds like a strangely eloquent moth.

And finally fair play to this guy. It makes me wonder what I should be getting for my site’s traffic…

UPDATE: After Adam alerted me to the fact the above website is indeed a hoax (I hesitate to label it a “scam” as it does not yet seem to be scamming anything), I did a little research and discovered the existence of a previous incarnation, that is no longer accessible. I expect these were intended to turn into some sort of adfarm once they generate suitable traffic, perhaps targeted at online gambling with the words “bet” and “win”. Not quite as inspired as The Million Dollar Homepage, but interesting nonetheless.


  1. You do realise that that websites a scam Priyan? I saw it about 3 weeks ago with a different girlfriend and about 2.7 million hits.

    I don’t see the point myself…

  2. Ha. Is an idiot anyway. What chima said about curbs yeah.

  3. No, I didn’t know that Adam — I only started hearing about it in the last two days. That said, I did fully expect it to become a highly profitable ad farm as soon as it hit the target.

    I should point out I don’t agree with the bet per se, merely the premise behind it. And in some ways, scam or not, the site does adequately prove just how easy it is with a little imagination…

  4. Don’t agree per se ha. “fair play to this guy”? Sounds agreeable to me!
    I do wonder why no ads tho. And why bother changing girlfriend? And that. See that’s just odd.

  5. Liking the cow. But yes, decidely odd.

    Also, I must speak to my smiley agent as to why we have have pigs and chickens but no cows… :@) ~:>

  6. My agent informs me we do have a cow and I am blind. 3:-o

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