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Apple often get a bad rap from me, it’s true. Having displayed remarkable self-restraint regarding their latest technological advancement, the self-shattering iPod Nano screen, I thought I’d post a useful bit of info for anyone who was considering buying a Nano but was disenchanted with its “mere” 4GB of storage space. Fear not, for a cunning modification with easy-to-follow instructions will allow you to upgrade the device to a seriously impressive 200GB model, really pushing it to its limits. Buy a Nano safe in the knowledge that you’ll be able to use it the way Apple really intended.

If you’re doing a subject like Law I would recommend not having three supervisions spread over two days. Aside from being highly uncivilised, it’s just common sense really. But the sort of common sense that didn’t quite work out this year. Like not mixing them with another seven lectures over the two days, only that didn’t work out either. Today involved leaving college around 8:30am and getting back at about 6:30pm to have a meal that could have been breakfast, lunch or dinner, but really served as all three since I hadn’t had a chance to eat ’til then. Nevertheless, having survived that horrific coalescence of work, the weekend is looking distinctly brighter. Well, it’s looking real at any rate.

I did take out a cyclist this morning. There’s little love lost between the cyclists of Cambridge and me, what with their supercilious attitude that they are governed by absolutely no rules whatsoever. The Highway Code is apparently a sort of suggested practice for car users and therefore utterly irrelevent. Our man in question seemed of the opinion that a pedestrian stepping onto a zebra crossing is an indication to accelerate rather than to stop, although in his defence perhaps he mistook it for a set of monochrome Mario Kart speed strips. Nevertheless, having hit me he swerved off and ended up on the ground, so it could have been worse. He appeared, I’m afraid, thoroughly unharmed and predictably irate. He was, you see, a cyclist. And therefore in the right. After all, he’s good for the environment.


  1. Without wishing to appear rude or judgmental I thought you should be aware that ‘convalescence’ refers to a period of recovery – generally following some serious illness. If you are intending it metaphorically I fail to see how a period of intense work could possibly follow anything worse.

  2. Thanks, you are quite right.
    Typing faster than I was thinking, the word for which I was reaching (but missed by quite some margin!) was, more logically, “coalescence” as it now reads.
    And P-2006 appears to have attracted its first anonymous poster which is most intriguing…

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