Recently I’ve taken to reading regularly ShortPacked!, a daily web comic loosely based around the toy industry (in the same way that PA is loosely based around the gaming industry), whose conspiracy theories are even worse than mine.

I finally made it to brunch with Lyds and Tom for the first time this term (my last attempt was thwarted by the phantom shifting kitchens). I’ve always said that hash browns are what make or break the meal and I’m happy to report that despite vicously circulating rumours about Lilliputian potato products being served the previous week, they remained a suitably satisfying size. The new self-service approach was a little disconcerting at first but does allow one to establish proper flood channeling when serving baked beans. It is imperative, of course, that the crispness of the hash browns be protected at all costs. The old gang have been maintaining the Sunday breakfast tradition over at 38, so Kirsten and I wandered over, allowing her to meet them and because pancakes do so nicely round off a good brunch. It then occurred to me that deliciously creamy hot chocolate at Clowns does so well round off a good pancake, as I had arranged to meet Lydia for coffee since she was keen to hear about all of the past week’s developments. It also transpired that we both have friends with imminent weddings. Which we’re starting to find slightly unsettling.