Firstly, I want to apologise to Rad for missing her birthday do in Croydon last night. Working without sleeping properly had taken its toll and I was shattered last night, not in any state to go out at all. But happy birthday all the same, honey: I’m sure you made it a good one! =o)

Things yesterday were also disastrously complicated as I realised brinkster, my old web host, have decided to plaster member sites with advertising (having previously claimed to be utterly against such action). Due to the highly intrusive design of these ads, they utterly ruined the aesthetic of both sites so it was time for me move once more. In fact I managed to engineer the entire move in under a day, sending an application to a self-selective community at I’d highly recommend this free host, which offers 200MB of space, your own cgi-bin, very speedy linux servers, and of course, no bloody advertising! As I said, they select the sites they agree to host, so you write an application with a little about yourself and preferably with some examples of previous websites. They seemed happy enough with my request and I was set up the same day!

Then came the gargantuan task of actually moving the sites. Sounds simple, just copying a few files, huh? Well, in the case of P-2004, yes this is true since there are only 189 files. But the Crypt consists of 559 pages, with 1896 files to upload! Fortunately beigetower offer their users a program that allows secure FTP uploading at a pretty good rate, so I could just leave it ticking away folder by folder. So it’s all (hopefully) done now, and much quicker than I was expecting. I’d definitely recommend to anyone who’s interested in upgrading their website.

So, off to Church now, and then a dim sum lunch at the Tai Tung Chinese Restaurant in the Wing Yip Centre. But before I go, I feel it is my duty to inform anyone who does not yet own Tarantino’s back catalogue on DVD that are selling the box set (that’s Reservoir Dogs, special edition 2-disc Pulp Fiction and special edition 2-disc Jackie Brown) for a ridiculously cheap £18.99. Go buy it. Yes, now!