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I’m actually working quite hard today, so no time for a full post. In the meantime you can enjoy the dulcet — and slightly bizarre — tones of the Complaints Choir of Helsinki. Andy W will be in heaven.

Favourite lines in the comments.


  1. Arf, nice find! :d

    Favorite lines would be:

    “We always lose to Sweden in hockey and Eurovision” – particularly as they won the last one! (we need a rock emoticon here)

    “Nice shirts get discoloured in the wash but ugly shirts never do.”

    Choir: “I don’t get laid enough…”
    Random bloke at the back: “and the Finnish language is bloody difficult to learn.”

    “Our ancestors could have picked a sunnier place to be.”

    And the minute and a half of just blackness a the end!


  2. o=> He’s clearly rock. Or possibly a Japanese Hentai star. I can’t really tell.

    I particularly liked the part about ringtones, which was quite clever. And so true.

  3. How can a person be a hentai star?

  4. I meant the image (as a character not a person), but I guess in theory…a voice actor? Takes a truly dedicated fan to “recognise” them. :-s

  5. I love the ringtone line. Because it just sound s sooo funny Finnish… 🙂

  6. IN Finnish. It’s early… :d

  7. Wow, Finland is just like England!

  8. Wow, Finland is just like England!

    i LOVE those guys.

    Nyuh? Nyeh.

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