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Meredith Kercher, 1985-2007

MeredithBy now you have probably come across the story of the British student murdered in Italy. You may not know that Meredith was a friend of mine from back home in Croydon, and her death has left me shocked. How this could happen to such a sweet, cheerful girl is utterly beyond comprehension, but I sincerely hope she is at peace and my thoughts and prayers are with her family. I also hope that those who may have known her are not finding out through reading this — it is far from the ideal medium — but do feel free to leave your own thoughts and memories.

I met Mez through friends at Old Palace school and she was part of the crowd we regularly hung out and partied with. She was incredibly relaxed and easy to talk to, but above all I remember her cheerfulness. She struck me as an incredibly upbeat person, and I always picture her smiling. Her smile was infectious and she never failed to improve the mood of everyone around her. We were not closely in touch while she was at uni, but she seemed in her prime: bright, beautiful and very much loved as evidenced by the litany of posts in tribute on her Facebook page*. For her life to be tragically cut short in such a senseless act is utterly devastating to all who knew her. We are struggling to come to terms with what has happened to our friend. I feel so lucky to have known her.

* I have chosen not to link to her profile since I have been informed that journalists have been contacting people through Facebook trying to get information. Meredith’s family have requested people do not speak to journalists as they would like privacy to grieve.


  1. I didn’t realise it was that Meredith…

  2. From every picture of Meredith, I see a very innocent girl who could have been loved by many. It makes me cry to think of such a sweet young woman being taken away from us, especially for such evil intentions. I only find comfort in being able to see her in pictures, which we can keep with us forever.

  3. I think Ms. Knox could have gone into a rage when she was told not to come to work that evening. It may not be a coincidence that the tragic event happened after she was told by the bar owner that she did not have to work that evening.

    I have seen what a young white blond American was like when she got angry. Her eyes popped up. She screamed at the top of her lung. And she pushed me with all her strength to the floor. I was just standing there without any preparation. So I landed on the floor so hard that my back broke. It took me years to heal.

    The reason for it to happen was that we shared an office, and she kept talking to another girl in another office. She could have gone to the other girl’s office to talk to her. So I complained.

  4. For anyone who is interested in the facts behind the media spin, and who cares to learn more about the victim of this terrible murder – Meredith Kercher – there is an excellent discussion board:

    Perugia Murder File

    as well as an interesting blog:

    True Justice For Meredith Kercher

    These online resources are not for profit. Anyone can read and/or participate and people from around the world do. They have followed this case since last November, and are in no way related to Amanda Knox. Nor are they her friends

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